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Letter to the Editor: [Austion] Knows Area's Traffic Woes

Laquan Austion is running for Virginia House of Delegate’s 2nd District seat, and his vision for Prince William and Stafford counties is one that everyone can support.

He has first-hand experience dealing with the devastating impact traffic has on our area.

Letter to the Editor: Austion Shares Our Values

At the Stafford GOP Committee meeting, I recently heard a talk by Republican candidate for Virginia’s 2nd House District, Laquan Austion. Within seconds of meeting him, one can tell he is exactly what the Republican Party has needed for years. Laquan’s life is the perfect embodiment of what Republicans believe in.

Letter to the Editor: [Laquan Austion,] Stafford House candidate has interesting resume

The 2017 state elections are fast approaching; I’m happy to see a new face that has emerged for Virginia’s House of Delegates’ District 2. Laquan Austion has announced his candidacy as a Republican to represent the voters of North Stafford and Prince William counties.