Join the Commuters for Laquan Coalition!

Increasing the quality of life for the people of the 2nd District begins with less time sitting in traffic and more time for themselves.

One of Laquan’s key priorities will be easing traffic and commute times for families. Long commute times can stand in the way of making it home in time to tuck their children into bed or attend their sporting events.

That’s why his number one goal is being a tireless voice for families, and fighting to make life for the people in Stafford and Prince William the best it can be by:

  • Increasing transparency of Express lane fares.
  • Stop balancing budgetary shortfalls on the backs of commuters.
  • Having a forward looking plan that addresses the fast growth our region has seen.

If you want to see these become a reality, please add your name and join Commuters for Laquan!