Team Austion Weekly Newsletter 3/11

This week was an exciting one for the future of Virginia.  Laquan attended a campaign event for State Senator Bryce Reeves, who is running for Lieutenant Governor.  The well-attended event shows that Virginia is poised for a new direction, and Laquan was grateful to meet so many Virginians.


As our support grows, so does our campaign team.  We’re happy to announce that Taylor Stephens has joined Team Austion as our Fundraising Coordinator, and Alexandra Knowles has joined as our new Communications Director.  Their work will be crucial in helping Laquan provide the fresh leadership Richmond needs. 


Monday is a very exciting day for us, as we will be delivering the necessary petitions to get Laquan on the ballot.  March 13th is the first day the state will accept the petitions and we will be there ahead of the state’s schedule with a robust list of supporters.  A big “thank you” to all our volunteers who helped make this happen!


We continue to appreciate all the grassroots support this campaign has gotten.  With efforts from supporters like you, this campaign has been able to generate a significant digital footprint in online ads targeting local voters so they can hear Laquan’s common sense message of limited government and opportunity for all.  This is a campaign that will never be outworked or out-organized but we need your help to keep this momentum going.


Thank you Friend, we look forward to hearing from you in the days ahead!



Team Austion