Team Austion Weekly Newsletter 3/3

Another week in the books for the campaign. Laquan was invited to speak at the Prince William GOP meeting. It was a wonderful night of seeing old friends and meeting new ones.



The campaign also released two new videos that will be heavily promoted. In the first video, Laquan lays out his vision and top priorities for the campaign. 


In the the second video, Alicia explains how Laquan’s personality of going above and beyond will translate well into public service. 


These videos are being promoted through targeted ads all over the internet. Can you chip in $10, $20, $30, $50, or more to help us reach more voters?

Thanks to your generous donations, our message has been heard! Another letter to the editor was submitted this week from a voter who was inspired by meeting Laquan.


Laquan has a busy weekend of knocking on doors and attending the Prince William County Lincoln Reagan dinner.

Stay tuned for next week…. Team Austion has some big announcements coming!

Thanks for all your help!

Team Austion