Letter to the Editor: [Laquan Austion,] Stafford House candidate has interesting resume

The 2017 state elections are fast approaching; I’m happy to see a new face that has emerged for Virginia’s House of Delegates’ District 2. Laquan Austion has announced his candidacy as a Republican to represent the voters of North Stafford and Prince William counties.

When meeting Laquan, it doesn’t take long to see how impressive he is as an individual, husband and fellow citizen. Being homeless as a child, then working hard to be the first in his family to go to college, to buying a house and living in Stafford with his wife, Alicia, Laquan is the perfect example of how opportunities and not handouts allow individuals to achieve anything to which they put their minds.

He is a dynamic candidate with the ability to speak from the heart on so many matters that face families and voters in District 2. You can visit his website at laquanaustion.com to learn more about his story and his plans for the campaign.


Danielle Davis


The Freelance Star