Press Release: Austion Voices Opposition to VRE Fare Increase



CONTACT: Spencer Sullivan


March 22, 2017



Austion voices opposition to VRE fare increase


Stafford, Virginia- On Thursday, Laquan Austion, Republican candidate for Virginia House of Delegates in District 2, sent a letter to the Virginia Railway Express opposing the latest fare increase.


The Virginia Railway Express previously raised fares by 4% in 2015 and 2013, in addition to a 3% hike in 2012. The newest proposed fare increase of 3% will cover increased operation costs and will take effect this summer, pending approval.


Laquan Austion is strongly opposed to increasing the financial burden on local commuters who rely on the VRE for an affordable means of transportation. This latest fare increase is a short-sighted solution to a long-term and growing problem that will affect hundreds of commuters. Building on his work experience in the transportation industry, Laquan plans to bring innovative ideas to public transportation in Prince William and Stafford counties. His plan to combat the proposed fare increase entails leveraging the power of technology to increase fair transparency, demand, and anticipate future growth. As a free-market conservative Laquan wants to incentivize businesses and planners to develop outside-the-box solutions to these growing transportation problems.


“This fare increase is like putting a band aid on a gunshot wound. Transportation in this area is a nightmare. Raising fees year after year is not sustainable and will have long-term consequences if we do not find a way to curb and lower the cost of transportation. We will price our residents out of the area.  This trend must stop.”