Announcing my candidacy for House of Delegates in the 2nd District!

In order to have the opportunity to represent the people of this district in Richmond, I want to earn your support. Politics has gotten ugly. Participation in civic life is on the decline. We face real, serious challenges. And we need new, fresh, ideas and strong leadership. We need new voices. 

I will run a campaign that reflects the kind of leadership and commitment that is needed from our elected representatives. Here are a few things I can promise you about the campaign.

  • We will not be outworked. I will work harder than anyone – knock on more doors, make more phone calls, travel as many miles, or talk to as many people. 
  • I am here to listen, to learn, and to earn your vote – every vote. I want to hear from every voter in this district. I want to hear every story and concern that you have.
  • I will always tell you what I believe – when I think you will like the answer or not. I am not going to say something just to say something. If I don’t know the answer to your question, I will tell you I don’t know – and then I will go and find the answer, and follow up with you. 
  • I will run this campaign with integrity and principle. And when I am elected I will represent everyone, not just a select few.